The Univeristy of Texas at Austin

Serving the State

Working for the university, I worked on development strategy and tools to help the development community on campus.

UT News (2018)

The Goals

News is a large part of the communcation efforts at the University of Texas. Through the News site, communicators, journalists, and administrators need to be able to creat posts that can be policy voiced or narrative.

The Solution

Leveraging Word Press, Advanced Custom Fields, and Timber, I developed a highly flexible theme with medium like content creation tools. I worked to carefully migrate and map all content from the previous CMS (Drupal 6),leveraging Drupal's View system to map out the nodes into a format consumable by the Word Press importer. I was also able to solve several administration needs and expand author's abilities to attach and share content.

Tech Stack: PHP, Twig, SASS, JS
Framework: Word Press

Explore UT Walking Event Map (2017)

The Goals

The University has a walking exploration of the campus event every year, and in 2017 they wanted to add a litte more inter-activity to their site by offering directions to spots for participants on foot.

The Solution

I wrote a custom JS app that used the Google Maps API in order to allow users to get walking directions from their current position to the building they are trying to visit. When selecting an event the user is prompted for their geolocation data and will accommodate both Android and Apple users.

Tech Stack: PHP, SASS, JS
Framework: Google Maps API

UT at SXSW (2017)

The Goals

UT participates in SXSW every year in a variety of capacities. This year the site had two forms to serve two missions.

First, advertise the upcoming events that need to be voted on, during the Panel selection time.

Second, advertise the events selected for SXSW that came from the university as well offer simple sorting based on specific categories.

The Solution

Jekyll ended up being a nimble solution for dealing with constantly updating content as well and with a few lines of JS we created a simple sorting tool.

Jekyll's ability to consume CVS files allowed me to auto generate event listings, directly from Google doc exports. This allowed my co-workers to make simple updates to spread sheets, which I turned into live content with simple build tasks.

Tech Stack: Ruby, SASS, JS
Framework: Jekyll

Commencement Spring (2017)

The Goals

Re-design the commencement landing (home) page to improve user interaction based on the patterns of navigation most used combined with the need to present students and family to the most relevant information they need for the big day.

The Solution

We collected user interaction data to create new navigation and a page layout that focussed on getting students and the people wanting to celebrate with them the information they needed within one click.

Tech Stack: PHP, SASS, JS
Framework: Drupal 7.x