Working for others

Freelance projects are where I get to test ideas, and small teams or small businesses complete objectives. These opportunities have let me integrate, skills and experiences while trying out new tech.

CASCADIA JS (2015-2016)

The Goals

Volunteer time, design and code to a JS focussed conference.

The Solution

Working closely with the organizers and committee, I lead the charge in website design and branding for the 2015 and 2016 event. The site was built on HARP JS which is a node js based flat site generator. I produced stickers, banner stands, t-shirts, and other conference swag for the event.

Tech Stack: Node, JADE, SASS, JS
Framework: HARP JS

Shed Barber Shop (2015)

The Goals

I got a chance to work on Shed Barbershop's first site. They needed to prop up a simple Word Press install to start booking clients and promoting their newly launched venture.

The Solution

After some wireframing and color selection, I knocked out a quick re-skin from a starter theme and voila!

Tech Stack: PHP, SASS, JS
Framework: Word Press