Getting things done is what excites me. Whether there is a new process needed to fix an inefficiency or a marketing/interaction that needs to be implemented, I like to ship complete solutions.

Complete software or processes are not accidents. Careful planning, exploration, experimentation, and clear goals are the ingredients in the delicious soup of software production.

I use the following questions in this order to get it done:


This word is my first question in many meetings. Whether I'm trying to define clear details in functionality, or to better understand the user's or client's needs and workflow, why is my number one tool in discovery.


By doing the above, studying trends, reviewing user data gathered through different reporting tools. I take the objectives that are defined, and devise a way to complete them by using the research gathered.


This is the part that most people, including myself, often have an idea about. Without the processes of Why, and How, it is hard to make What happen.

This onion like sequence of ideas really has it's roots in Simon Sinek

Of course tools aren't irrelevant. Whether you need a frontend applied to a Rails app, or want to optimize the user experience on your site, I will take hunches and data, ask questions, and deliver solutions with your team.